Monolog – Live Cuts EP on Acre Recordings

In a musical climate where genres and boundaries are constantly being blurred Monolog bring something new to the table.

Coming soon on Acre Recordings is Live Cuts, a 5 track EP that both defies logic and easy categorisation yet at the same time being almost a work of abstract experimentalism that’s grounded in the same sound and production techniques used in techno and dubstep.

This is a post everything EP that deserves to be played loud, there is no lyrical or melodic flow, no easy to grasp rhythm, but the EP (edited from a live show which is included in whole as a bonus track) is a real masterclass in bass production; it’s a fragmented, dismantled, deconstructed and utterly engrossing release.

Heavyweight post-dubstep explorations

Fractured, claustrophobic, intense, introspective – just a few of the terms that come to mind when immersing oneself in Monolog’s live tracks. Monolog (aka Mads Lindgren) explores the territory and sounds from beyond dubstep. Slow and heavy, but with plenty of high-end detail and inherently detailed glitchiness, Lindgren deconstructs the tropes and offers up a fascinating development of the sound with which Scorn fans will be familiar. With vinyl/CD/digital releases spanning 12 years Lindgren is no new-comer and displays a masterful understanding of sound-design. He has releases on Tender Productions, illphabetik and Uhrlaut amongst others and his broader sound ranges from messed-up drum & bass to breakcore, abstract and idm. We are proud to release the five tracks here taken from his live set, recorded at Subland in Germany, and think he’s really one to watch!


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