Preview ‘Adapta 3’ by one half of UK electro duo Bitstream

Any of you that are fans of proper electro will at one time or another have come across the fine sounds of Bitstream. Whilst that particular artist alias is now dormant, the duo who made up Bitstream are still recording – solo.

Dave Conner works under the name Uexkull, whilst brother Steve goes under the Adapta alias. Both have work released on Steve’s fledgling Brutalist Sunset record label. Uexkull’s was #3 on the label, and is well worth a purchase if you can find it. Listen to (and download) all-rac from it from the Uexkull SoundCloud.

Here’s what the label’s 4th EP, Adapta 3, is sounding like (the earlier 2 Adapta EPs are available digitally – vinyl has sold out I think)

Not sure on release date just yet, but worth keeping an eye out for don’t ya think?


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