Preview Alphaxone’s album Altered Dimensions

The dark ambience of Iran’s Alphaxone is soon set to be with us once again as his new album is announced for Cyro Chamber.

Altered Dimensions is due for release next week, January 13th on CD and digital formats. It’s the 6th full length album from Mehdi Saleh as Alphaxone, an artist who we’ve loved for many years here at Darkfloor and it follows up his now year old Living in the Grayland, also on Cryo. Back in October we secured and broadcast a session mix for Mantis Radio from Saleh, and it’s one of our best beatless excursions from our near 9 year broadcasting history.

Swedish digital imprint Cryo Chamber are audiophile friendly, offering up to 24bit sound but also nurturing and homing some seriously fine drone and ambient sound so expectations are high.


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