Darko Kolar (Katran) in tall grass

Darko Kolar’s industrial noise mix for Slovakian series OLAM

Darko Kolar’s new mix dropped earlier this week. Recorded for the Slovakian series OLAM it’s the 28th in their series and runs at just over an hour.

OLAM · No.28 – Darko Kolar

His name might already be familiar to you, as one half of Serbia’s industrial techno and rhythmic noise duo Ontal, alongside Boris Brenecki. But if not, he produces solo material as Katran, and together with Brenecki and New York’s Blush Response, he’s part of Impulse Control. Plus, add to that he founded and runs the excellent labels Jezgro, and Ontal Series.

Based out of Subotica, Serbia, Darko’s musical career began in the mid 2000s, releasing material as Dekode, on a variety of record labels, alongside the likes of Si Begg, Radioactive Man, Silicon Scally, and Scape One. In 2011 he and Brenecki formed Ontal and would release their debut EP, Output, through our label Darkfloor Sound. It began a slew of heavyweight industrial techno EPs and albums, for the likes of Ad Noiseam, HANDS, Overdraw, Pi Electronics, Noiztank, Shadow Story, and in 2018, Horo. Parallel to this, Darko has developed his solo project, Katran. Dark, rough, intense music.

In 2016 Darko launched the label Jezgro. The first release came from Huren’s project MRTVI, followed up by Japanese noise demon Merzbow for the label’s second release. Jezgro is a label representing the obscure, dark, and unstructured parts of electronic music, bringing together extreme and experimental genres, like harsh noise, drone, industrial, rhythmic noise, and off beat techno.


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