Dronelock announce A/V live shows

Martin Cartledge and Alexander Church’s joint production project Dronelock are making the move to live audio visual performance and have released a preview video.

Their live show will focus more on their soundscape material than straight up techno, thou do expect heavyweight kickdrums here ‘n there. Sound design has been an impressive and core feature of their Shadow Story releases. Tracks like Sonars add weighty sound explorations alongside their tough techno club cuts like Parallax.

The duo will use analogue hardware, surrounded by a purpose built stage design, acting as a canvas for the projection mapped visuals provided by Lewis Hackett, Nicholas Wright of Prefix Studios.

Lewis Hackett –

I have always had a deep fascination with concepts such as the Fibonacci sequence and the golden ration which surround and seemingly define the world around us. This project uses traditional video, 2D / 3D digital animation and programmed generative visuals to express the symbiotic relationship between humans and technology.

The A/V performance set is designed to appear organic in form, constructed symmetrically from polygonal surfaces. These act as a static structure which becomes broken by the abstract visual content from Prefix.

It was extremely important for us to reflect the textural layering found in the compositions of Dronelock’s music. To achieve this we have mixed multiple layers of video input, each controlled individually through software and hardware interfaces, producing an organic performance which visually interprets the sonic qualities.

You can catch the show debuting in Leeds next week, September 11th, at SECT and in London on November 6th as part of Plex’s 9th birthday.

11.09.2015 / SECT – Wharf Chambers, Leeds
06.11.2015 / Plex (P/B/T) – Corsica Studios, London

For more information, contact the duo direct.

Back in November, Dronelock and Shadow Story label mates Ontal recorded for Mantis Radio a superb introduction to their joint label venture.


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