grab ‘The Letter D’ by opti from Acroplane

opti drops his first release for the prolific hi-baller that is the rarely disappointing label – Acroplane.

A collection of 13 tracks over 50minutes, this is a wonderful, mellow, beat laden affair. One for lazy afternoons and early evenings. As you would expect from opti, who by the way heads up the bass heavy Airflex Labs label and so knows a thing or 2 about rich sound; the production is sublime. Rounded beats, warm synths, and great atmospherics throughout. With releases on Jarring Effects, F4T Music, DEMENT3D, Combat Recordings and his own Airflex Labs, you’re in the hands of an accomplished beatsmith.

The record you’re about to listen to – or have already listened to – was made in one exact year (started on October 2009 and released on October 2010). I started it because a huge amount of things were changing in my life. Everything went so hectic that I really felt the need to write it down, and making music this way made everything suddenly coherent.

opti – The Letter D

opti – How I Feel Waiting
opti – To Fall Under Your Spell
opti – Papillon (Spring Edit)
opti – Bravery (Interlude)
opti – Rose Top Awakening
opti – Whispering In A Tree
opti – The Letter D
opti – Angels (Interlude)
opti – The Other One
opti – Between My Eyes And Everything I Look At
opti – Missed Opportunity
opti – A Sheer Drop (Interlude)
opti – Infinity Begins

cat: ACP075 | label: Acroplane


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