Inigo Kennedy – Magnificent Spaces on Asymmetric

The 19th release for Inigo Kennedy‘s netaudio project Asymmetric has landed with five solid techno offerings.

Collectively Magnificent Spaces isn’t just 5 looping jams packaged up and uploaded to the internet, far from it. Whilst being loopy, in as much as good techno is, the textures presented in this and much of Inigo’s work both commercially and through his Asymmetric netlabel are much more. At times oft kilter with hypnotic and developed sound that shows he is trying to take techno out of the box, and deliver sounds that at first feel alien but draw you in and mesmerise you. Essentially techno that sounds different and future-like. Difficult to do which is why if you’re looking for 5 “simplistic relentless banging tools” you’re going to be out of luck.

Highlights for me with this release are Laconic with it’s eerie crunch and sci-fi theme; Triangle continuing the sci-fi-ness but going more hypnotic and closing track Mood, an oddly deep track with synth sounds more prevalent in London’s weird and wonderful wonky techno. Right click the individual tracks to download.


Inigo Kennedy – Muck Shelf
Inigo Kennedy – Laconic
Inigo Kennedy – Roundabound
Inigo Kennedy – Triangle
Inigo Kennedy – Mood


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