Inigo Kennedy – Distant Circles on Asymmetric

What better way to start the day than with some free techno, from Inigo Kennedy no less.

For the 20th release on Inigo’s self released netaudio label project Asymmetric; he brings together 5 previously unavailable and new tracks to the scene. For those of you who caught his recent set for MANTIS Radio back in November, you’ll be pleased to see his Caverns track nestling in the tracklist.

Albedo kicks off the EP with an upbeat almost, hihat sharp shuffle. Straight in and no messing with that groove. Caverns is hypnotically dark and driving. Skedaddle is quite awesome, going for a broken techno angle with an Aphex vibe on that synth. Jupiter really feels otherworldy with the way the kick drum floats in is something special. Smooth, determined and with an almost wave like feel as the sound seems to ebb and flow subtly. Disorder continues where Skedaddle began with a more acid flavoured glitchy almost Autechre approach to the sound design and structure. Yet it’s still very Inigo with the prevailing driving forward that he displays with his work.



Inigo Kennedy – Albedo
Inigo Kennedy – Caverns
Inigo Kennedy – Skedaddle
Inigo Kennedy – Jupiter
Inigo Kennedy – Disorder


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