C Mantle VS the wee djs – Versus on thismachineisbroken

Both C. Mantle and the wee djs are regular play-listed artists in these hallowed halls of Darkfloor HQ. Both are Scottish and both make fierce, raw, electro heavy sound very much their own. So to have each remixing the other and then to have those tracks released and for those tracks to be freely released to us is rather fine if you don’t mind me saying.

I Used to Know was one of the earliest tracks I heard from C. Mantle and to have one of my favourite electro producers adding their tweaking to it is a wee bit special.

C. Mantle returns the favour laying down a dark, razor sharp, claustrophobic remix of the wee djs track Timeline. Seriously essential Darkfloor filth these.


C Mantle – I Used To Know You
the wee djs – Timeline (C Mantle remix)


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