Emerge / Sustained Development – Innervation / Enough Records

Ever relentless in their release schedule, Portuguese netlabel extraordinaire Enough Records have over the years served up some choice cuts of drone sound.

Be that the dark, brooding, verging on evil sort; through to the soul warming, self medication, make you feel warm and fuzzy kind. But two examples are the warm glow of sounds from Spuntic (the work of Iranian musician IX, the man behind the awesome and much darker Alphaxone) against the abrasive bleak grind of Nelson P. Ferreira’s Avoidant project.

Innervation falls into the latter style of drone. A track a piece from Emerge and Substained Development. Both responsible for the Attenuation Circuit label – an experimental netlabel interested in “unconventional sound sources” “supported by a network of artists with background in sound poetry, radio art and underground dance music“.

Both of the tracks on Innervation project a tundra of subtly processed white noise that flows over itself, through you, ever present, ever constant. This is sound to remove thoughts in your mind; to clear the mess that is living for the daily rat race – the dreaded commute. That 40 hour work week; processing pointless admin tasks in Microsoft’s bloody doomsheet – Excel.

As it should be with drone, the devil is in the detail, and the more you get lost in the sound (decent headphones are recommended) the greater the reward, the shifts in the waves take on new properties.

Whilst these “minimalistic dronescapes” won’t solve your problems. They will allow internal reflection. Solitude.  And for their 24+ minutes, distract you just enough to get you through to fight another day.

Emerge / Sustained Development – Innervation

Emerge – Innervate
Sustained Development – Unnerve


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