Si Begg’s ‘Bad Boy’

Few producers can manipulate bass quite as confidently as Mr Si ‘throb bass’ Begg.

He’s one of my personal heroes within electronic music, both as a producer / sound designer and as a fantastic DJ. If you’ve yet to catch him destroy a dancefloor in the way he does, you need to remedy that. Quick smart.

Bad Boy, a mostly finished track from 2009 proves his studio prowess quite effectively, delivering a bass stuffed dancefloor filling beast. In Si’s own words:

This track has been knocking around for far too long. You may have heard it in my sets and at the end of the Pioneer DDJ-Ergo promo film. To my mind its not finished, but I’m done with it. So take it as it comes and share as you please. In fact I might follow it up with all the layers so one of you clever people can finish it off for me .. ha!

Let’s hope he does follow up with the stems. And if you’re going to play this in your sets, watch out as it ends rather abruptly.


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