Monoiz – Multipled Phonem / Crazy Language

Fans of the intricate glitch pure minimalism championed by Germany’s mighty Raster-Noton will gravitate towards Monoiz‘s Multiple Phonem like a hipster to an iPhone.

Sure, whilst the mere mention of the r-n label has got you interested this isn’t a copy job. The work released on Raster-Noton is often so clinical and clean that some of it feels more an exercise in expression of digitised veins than something with more of a feeling to it.

Indeed the early label work is art gallery not dance hall. Though in the past two years this the label has been morphing from pure art sound into sound that can tear a dancefloor apart. Take Byetone’s latest work Symeta.

MULTI_ESCAPE live A/V performance at Rome’s LPM festival 2012
Monoiz + visuals by Escrauva.

Feeling is something that Monoiz brings out on Multiplied Phoneme, his debut release for German netlabel Crazy Language. He achieves this by his use of synths, pads and the general depth they bring to the blips. This also lends some of the work a sense of dub; way out, space wave dub, different than the warmth of a Jamaican bass bin. Think more Basic Channel and Inade rather than King Tubby or Scientist.

Monoiz is one Luca Moni, an Italian producer residing in Florence who’s musical past features being a guitarist in punk and hardcore bands. Which makes the clean signal of his work on Multiplied that little bit more impressive; can’t think of any clean signal punk bands, the dirtier the better.

Multipled Phonem gets a recommendation nod from us. Available as a name your price download. Also worth noting is Moni’s 2010 release on Brusio: Like Analogue. More of an IDM/melodic thing than this one, but still very choice work particularly track Plug.In.

Monoiz – Multipled Phonem

Monoiz – Multi_00
Monoiz – Multi_Fractal
Monoiz – Multi_ENFX
Monoiz – Multi_Micron
Monoiz – Multi_Scape
Monoiz – Multi_Flame
Monoiz – Multi_Pandom
Monoiz – Multi_Rhythm
Monoiz – Multi_01


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