Fah – Fahzers Set To Earth on Central Processing Unit

Laica returns to the future just in time to ensure all Fahzers are Set To Earth.

In recent months I said that I believed a new buy-on-sight label had arrived in the shape of Central Processing Unit. I stand firmly by my words and strongly believe that once anybody hears the 2nd of their retro-futuristic releases they to will stand beside me in my beliefs.

Fahzers Set To Earth from Dutch producer Fah follows in the footsteps of last years Newmark Phase by Texan Cygnus. It’s another solid set of forward thinking house/electro/techno that’s one part 80’s electro pop and one part distant future funk.

Production throughout is crisp and shines like a new pin and its hard to pick out favorites from the set. But I must admit to being drawn to the melancholy of Casting The Rod. In my head I see a grainy, slow motion, black and white video of breakdancers as the perfect backing for this track. If somebody can, they should.

Not Enough Fahzers is the track I can see doing the most work on the dance floor; once the bass kicks in it’s relentless. Plenty of room for cuts with this one.

If you have even a passing interest in Tiny Reminders or the works of some Deep Sea Dwellers, you should be all over this, its that good.

Central Processing Unit is already turning out to be the label I hoped and guessed it would be, get involved, and get involved now. Available on limited 12″ with tracks Not Enough Fahzers, Casting The Rod, Glowism and Magnetic Freedom.


Fah – Preflakes
Fah – Magnetic Freedom
Fah – Frigorism
Fah – Casting The Rod
Fah – Cautionism
Fah – Fahzers Set To Earth
Fah – Green Gold
Fah – Glowism
Fah – Uninterpreted
Fah – The Thoughts Loop
Fah – Not Enough Fahzers
Fah – Seasonal Zing


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