Wirewound – Biaxial

Romania’s Sorin Paun offers up Biaxial under his latest alias Wirewound for free download.

The alias, already 2 EPs strong with the self titled Wirewound EP on Scotland’s Acre Recordings and it’s follow up Wiretap on Swarm Intelligence’s Stasis Records; is some of Soirn’s strongest work yet. Already more than a dab hand with the more abstract strains of electro and IDM as Randomform and Datacrashrobot respectively; the Wirewound alias is largely more aimed for the dancefloor than the open mind, though it still retains Sorin’s often intense attention to detail.

Biaxial is a glitch dripped stepping broken techno beast, feeling retro and raw but yet future facing; invasive and bleak. Space nightmares.

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