Drone Power Play 2019-03-27

Today at Darkfloor we resurrect our mix series Drone Power Play.

Originally a fortnightly transmission on futuremusic FM it returns some two years since the first five aired. Combining sounds and textures we play aspects of on our Mantis Radio broadcasts with a deeper focus. An hour of ambient, drone, and noise sonics – blissful to aggressive to rhythmic.


Allogenic – Sixth Seal [Adaptive Sonic]
A Vengeance – SIGNALS [Darkfloor Sound]
Anthony Donovan & JOHN 3:16 – Brittle Clue [Cruel Nature Records]
Chaines – Population 5120 [Slip]
Servants Of The Apocalyptic Goat Rave – Kali Rises [Svart Lava]
Blanck Mass – Dead Format (Dalhous remix) [Sacred Bones Records]
Peder Mannerfelt – Building of the Mountain [Peder Mannerfelt]
Bombardier – Sands of Time [Division 13]
Trepaneringsritualen – A Ceaseless Howling [Cold Spring]
Black Swan – Rapture [Ethereal Symphony]
Dedekind Cut – The Expanding Domain [Hallow Ground]
Lana Del Rabies – Darcy [Deathbomb Arc]
Max Cooper – Chromos [Mesh]
Cyance – Demonic (Darkness Comes Early) [Mindtrick Records]
Orphx – Accuracy Overloads Procedure [Hospital Productions]
Funki Porcini – The Great Drive By [Ninja Tune]


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