Vacu Sessions - C_C

Vacu Sessions 31 – c_c

Long overdue from us I’ll grant you, but back in September the 31st Vacu Sessions was published. At the helm, the Parisian c_c.

c_c is one Eduardo Ribuyo, and his 25 minute Vacu Session is an organic festering of saturated electronics and decay.

Those of you who have been keeping tabs on Bedroom Research, the French off-kilter experimental dance label of Matt Subjex, might have clocked Retro Action which also saw release back in September. Retro Action is 10 tracks of well worked tape distortion or as Bedroom Research puts it:

face melting, ear piercing, neuron breaking, full analog distortion based work… Industrial, dark rave and “tribal” influences put it somewhere between Devilman, Deadfader [and] Muslimgauze.

c_c – Vacu Sessions 31
c_c – 2_OO_5
c_c – 8-1-1-1-1-1-8-18-18-8-8-8-88 (tribute to hypnobeat)
c_c – 1221_072316
c_c – VI


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