DVNT – Downbeaten Exploratory Interests Volume 2

Continuing what I just posted here’s the second volume of the sporadic Downbeaten Exploratory Interests mix series by DVNT.

This one was recorded in 2008 and is more in the beatless world of sound than the downbeat sounds the first mixtape offered. With every intention in the world this series was originally intended to be monthly. This second volume followed some 7 months after the debut release, arriving in June 2008. It’s sequel would follow two years later in 2010.

In trying to find just when this was originally recorded I came across the intentions of the mix series:

Basic concept behind this series is to compile, blend, mix and present textures of sound, ambient structures, stripped beats and to develop depth. This is sound designed to be enjoyed whilst heavily relaxed or to induce relaxation.

How successful it’s intention I leave up to you.

DVNT – Downbeaten Exploratory Interests Volume 2
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Fiktion – Morfint [Frukt Records]
Muhr – Prefaces [Zymogen]
Jagat Skad – Guangdong No Soul [jagatskad.de]
Jack Marchment – Track 03 [Benbecula]
Metal – Birthday Drones 3 [Nature Film]
+ Milanese – Vocal Female Lead [CDr]
+ Milanese – Vocal Female Fill 4 [CDr]
+ Niteffect – Fragments [Kreislauf]
+ Milanese – Vocal Female Lead [CDr]
Clubfoot – Embryo [CDr]
+ Milanese – Vocal Female Fill 4 [CDr]
Daniel Maze – Subtropical Blasting Officer [Serein]
Scorn – Far In Out [Scorn Recordings]
ocp – atmos three [Serein]
The KLF – Six Black Cold Hours, Louisiana Going To Coffee (ODC1 remix) [CDr]
Muhr – Our Tired Souls [12rec.net]
Ryonkt – The World That Was Surrounded (…) [Resting Bell]
+ Jagat Skad – Zeitgeisty [jagatskad.de] / LOOP
SCKE// – b. f. 27 BA [Myuzyk]
SCKE// – Airplane 1981 [Myuzyk]
Drift – Above and Beyond [CDr]
Mordant Music – Fading Font [Mordant]
Muhr – Le ciel sur les épaules [Miasmah]
Mickey Eats Plastic – To Kill the White Glamour [Sijis Netlabel]
Daniel Maze – Red After Image [Serein]
GoGooo.s – Mirror Water [Mandorla]
Jagat Skad – “Die Nächtliche” [jagatskad.de]
Milanese – Vocal Female Lead [CDr]


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