Bufo – Industricity Session no.29

It’s a new week, so a new mix, from a new DJ, who goes by the name of Bufo.

Expect 97 minutes of heads down industrially tipped technoid abuse with the likes of CYP, Dead Sound & Videohead, Surgeon, Ancient Methods, Klock, Death Abyss and Go Hiyama laying waste. Things are kept fresh with the inclusion of Subeena, Autechre, Helixir and Sync 24 amongst the 41 tracks.

More of this please.

Bufo – Industricity Session no.29
Architectural – Architectural 3 Intro [Architectural]
Go Hiyama – Concrete Advance (Dead Sound & Videohead remix) [Perc Trax]
Surgeon – Floorshow 2.3 [Counterbalance]
Ancient Methods vs Adam X – Mitral Regurgitation (Ancient Methods mix) [Sonic Groove]
Planetary Assault Systems – GT (P.A.S. Rhythm And Beats 1) [Mote-Evolver]
Jonas Kopp – Alkitran (Lucy Tool) [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
Sync 24 – Resynth (Ed Chamberlain remix) [CEDIGI]
Cyp – Plus [Transporta Records]
Rue East – Diskoid (Surgeon mix) [Pure Plastic]
Death Abyss – The Hermetic Antagonist (Mix One) [Rodz-Konez]
Reeko – 6 Sievert [Pole Recordings]
Dipole – Positive Pole [Sonic Groove]
Komet – Clap 05 (MSF Remix) [False Industries]
Audio Injection – Kegerator [Electric Deluxe]
KiNK – The Roots Of Techno [Sharivari Records]
Christian Wunsch – White Coats (Function remix) [Tsunami Records]
Traversable Wormhole – Transducer [CLR]
Ancient Methods vs Adam X – Proarrythmia (Ancient Methods mix) [Sonic Groove]
Phase – Further Trials [Token]
Wetrix – Skero [Transporta Records]
Grovskopa – Atopic (Delta Funktionen remix) [Sect Records]
Surgeon – La Real Part 2 [Counterbalance]
Subeena – Picture [Opit Records]
Death Abyss – The Hermetic Antagonist (Mix Three) [Rodz-Konez]
DJ Bone – The Music Remixes (Stephen Brown’s Just Soul Remix edit) [Subject Detroit]
Delta Funktionen – Abundance [Ann Aimee]
SCB – 28_5 [SCB]
Helixir – Undivided [7even Records]
Dipole – Positron Network [Sonic Groove]
Autechre – Cipater [Warp]
OVR – Descending The Left Corner [Blueprint]
KiNK – Soda Caustic [Sharivari Records]
Claudio PRC – Clear Depths (Silent Servant remix) [Prologue]
Vice – Coup De’tat [Black Nation]
Sawf – Golgothas [Dirty Planet]
Ben Klock – Under Pressure [Klockworks]
Inigo Kennedy – Mood [Asymetric]
Jus Wan – Azure (F remix) [Pushing Red]
Svreca – Utero (Regis remix) [Semantica]
Subeena – Anergik [Bunn-e Bass]
DJ Nasty – Down Low (Accapella) [Motor City Electro Company]


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