Phone – Killing Time / Izdeliye 02 – 02.03.2013

The man behind techno label Subsist, one Alfonso Civantos, might not a name you’re too familiar with but mixing records as Phone he’s a DJ who’s sets I’ve been enjoying for many a moon.

When he’s not pushing out often cerebral techno weaponry for the dancefloor that cares, the Spaniard regularly shares his recordings. One such mix I want to draw your attention to, and one of his best that I’ve heard, is a recent one recorded at the Killing Time / Izdeliye party on March 2nd.

Melding techno flexes with deep drones and dark electro textures it’s 90 minutes you’ll appreciate. Ø, Roly Porter, Richard Devine, Kryptic Minds, The Thinker, Svreca, Drexciya, Ben Frost, Jon E Alpha and even David Lynch make appearances in this one.

If you listen to one techno mix this week (yea like that’s going to happen) put this one into your ears first.

Phone – Killing Time Izdeliye 02 02/03/2013

Ø – Halli
A Silver Mt. Zion – Broken Chords Can Sing a Little
Skalpell – Ebola 1
Moonsanto – Dogme 3
Roly Porter – Tleilax
Apparent Symetry – Apart from this life
Richard Divine – Recursion trail
Cronaut – Observer (Desolance remix)
Clone – 03 Clone
Los Punsetes – Por el vicio (Esplendor Geometrico remix)
Skalpell – Mindscrape
The Thinker – Machine are us
Headless Horseman – Chatterton Hill
Kryptic Minds – Three View of a secret
David Lynch – Noah`s ark
Svreca – Hagagatan (Version)
One in a Million – VA.46.JS.9.MRD.40
Jon E Alpha – Tau Ceti Militans
Jack Sparrow – Salvation
Kryptic Minds – Organic
Ø – Asuntola
Tonikom – Detector (Haujobb remix)
d_e – Stress
George Fitzgerald – friends in high place
Drexciya – Dnger bay
Klangstabil – You may a star
Ben Frost – Theory of machines
Phone – untitled/unreleased
Pan Sonic – Lautturi rafter


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