Dimentia’s new EP

Oakland based Sean Dimentia has dropped the first of two new EPs.

Broadcast Frequency is the result of an all hardware setup recorded in 2015/16 (a list for which is below). It packs five electro machinations that continue the move-your-body focus of the audio project but retain the trippy headspace common to Sean’s work under the Dimentia name, his main alias – he records under several alias including Montaux, Cinkrillian Weight and Kanopic Descent.

Our pick of the EP is midpoint track Gush – the rolling vibe, the dank mangled vox just audible and that bubbling under the surface persistent feeling of dread. Broken Language is the upfront cut of the five, drawing, for me, comparisons to Welsh brothers Somatic Responses.

Available now, direct from Dimentia on Bandcamp.

For more on Sean, check out his session for Mantis Radio, and the live recording of when he played Darkfloor Live alongside Void Tactical’s Split Horizon, available on our In Session mix series.

Hardware list for the geeks and curious

Octatrack, Rytm, MBase, MBrane, BassStation, Virus B, Sh101, SVC 350, Eventides Space/Timefactor, metalzone, and Chimaera.


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