Blood Mute’s debut on Acroplane

Blood Mute’s debut recording for Acroplane is a strong offering. Both with the calibre of the production and that of the vibe.

Channeling the mood heavy illbient of the 90s, Blood Mute is the work of two British producers – Blood Room and Mute-Tiny. Both I’ve not heard of previously, but that’s hardly surprising as Acroplane have over the years and their many releases championed the pushing of much under the radar talent. Be that artists like Automatic Tasty, Vertical67 and Baconhead to Dead Sound and the formidable Swarm Intelligence.

Of the music with the pair’s self titled debut recording – there’s a melancholic bass swag throughout, be it more subtle in places than others. Tracks like Bad For Your Hands are mood setters. Bold kicks and a swirl of drone merge with a slowed whirl of hardcore hoover, summoning up a half time post party melange of nostalgia and reality. It marks the mid point of the album’s shift from the more colourful and even vibrant swung low vibes of Aedrana and 50 Mike Spike into moodier force like Haab’s Trac and the murk riding Paraffin. The album’s closer Graviton returns to the optimism of the album’s first half – minimal beats flow with a neon lit Blade Runner esque hat tip.

Great sounds that deserve plentiful repeat listens.

50 Mike Spike
Bad For Your Hands
Haab’ s Trac

Out November 30th (Bandcamp), December 7th (Bleep, Boomkat etc.)


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