Jon E Alpha – Shuttered Light

The latest from hardware infested heavy electro stomp jammers Western Panorama Recordings has been let loose. It’s a three track EP from label boss Jon E Alpha.

Opening up the onslaught is Pussy Doom. Just shy of 4 minutes of warbling squelch into a downbeat road of raw drum machine. Rude B, my favourite cut of the three; rolls in with big sub infested kick drums, more raw drum machine, infectious hat work, and wide soundtrack approved synthing. Absolute gold from Alpha on this; it’s still got that rawness but with deft depth. Dare I say a touch of early Aphex on this.

That leaves us with Don’t Make Promises; the jacking one of the three. An in your face synth sequence with an acid rich melody bubbling underneath. Sci-fi vibes all over this joint. Can’t help feeling the synth on this could have done with some work. Sure it fits the EP but it feels more like a jam than a finished piece.

Still, for some raw electro with a hint of menace and dementia for nowt you’ll be hard to top this. Stick this in your bassbins and have with toast.

Jon E Alpha – Shuttered Light

Jon E Alpha – Pussy Doom
Jon E Alpha – Rude B
Jon E Alpha – Don’t Make Promises
WPR 008


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