Kanopic Descent – Mirrored Lady

Released a few years back now (September ’09) was Mirrored Lady by Kanopic Descent.

A trippy ambient electronica work from the minds of Sean Dimentia and Amber Amnesia, the former of which you’ll be more familiar with these days producing hard bass electro on hardware that we’ve featured on Mantis Radio and back in September showcased at our Darkfloor Live event in London.

The music has as it’s focus:

Psychedelic tapestries ov sound invoking waking dreams ov unimaginable realms within the listener.

Cryptic death frequencies ov the real aeons long forgotten? intertwined w/ the siren voice of dark waters…

The tracks do present a dreamlike state of twisted inversion. There’s a strong sense of doom from the drone, with tracks like Hymn ov Ayin presenting an ethereal and beautifully dark soundscape, the likes of which would be quite perfect with a nightmarish section on a particularly well made film with stunning cinematography. The long, drawn out (at some close to 14 minutes odd) slowly evolving piece reinforces the sense of lush dread, it echoes the work of Lynch, Badalamenti and Cruise on seminal, and in my opinion the best show ever on TV: Twin Peaks.

Perfect material for quiet, reflective, late nights.

Mirrored Lady was originally available on a very limited run of just 23 CDs, it is now available as a pay-what-you-like download.

Kanopic Descent – Mirrored Lady

1. Kanopic Descent – N’Kai
2. Kanopic Descent – Sunken City
3. Kanopic Descent – Phosphorescent Phantasms
4. Kanopic Descent – Agharta_Underground City ov Worms
5. Kanopic Descent – Hymn ov Ayin
6. Kanopic Descent – Nevertheless
7. Kanopic Descent – Satalie


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