Darkfloor In Session 018 + Dimentia


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Dimentia‘s live PA recorded at our Darkfloor Live event, September 7th, 2012 at London’s The Miller.

Recorded at the London leg of Void Tactical Media‘s European tour we present more hardware flexing, this time from Dimentia. Laying down a heady mix of sharp edged electro Sean Dimentia delivered above and beyond what we were expecting.

Alongside label mate Split Horizon (check out our 17th in Session mix for his recording) they presented walls of sound that pushed the audience, sound system and venue. Excellent stuff all round.

Dimentia – Raindrift
Dimentia – Displacement
Dimentia – Mutation
Dimentia – Cloven Hoof
Dimentia – Tentacle Dreams
Dimentia – Dissektion
Dimentia – La Voison
Dimentia – Nightside

Virus B