Vadz – May 2010

Vadz is back with another monthly chart, specially for (Vadz was showcased on our 52 show).

The end of spring and the beginning of summer is always a club season closing in Russia. On the South it becomes hotter day after day, and there’s no need to drink that much alcohol at the parties anymore ;). So the sound becomes softer, and people invade the streets and darsunbath on beaches (or just rooftops lol). My May chart has a lot of really old stuff, it happens when you sort old records/releases and somehow open new aspects of music. Especially the magic happens when you thought you ‘forgot that track’, but here it is – fresh and nasty! Have a good summer, guys!

TSR – Is This Ska-cid
Awesome vinyl from Don’t Records. B side works good for me! Retro-techno with funny melodies and childish melodies, sentimental and funny. 5+, will spin this forever!

Nymate Association – Definable Function (Molez Remix)
Tasty beats from Digital Distortions this month. Those Hungarians know how to shake. Something between sick dubstep and smart breaks here. Molez version burns, but the original is really good too!

iO – T.T.
Once upon a time i heard ‘Station To Station’ on DJ Hell’s X-Mix VHS Tape and was totally knocked off. Many years passed, but I still play the stuff by those great minimalists. Pure techno!

Robert Goerl – Deep Intruder
Sexdrops Album on Disko B was and still remains one of my secret weapons on the dancefloor! Subliminal fat minimal sound.

Jacek Sienkiewicz – Before X
New album on his own imprint. Good melodic track, moody. Best choice for a set opener somewhere by the sea this summer.

Luke Slater – Bande Magnetique
My new rediscovery of Luke’s old works. Slamming track, no remorse floor-filler!

Scuba – Speak
Does all the dubstep have to be evil? Love this track from Scuba, especially on a good soundsystem. It cures and refreshes people on the dancefloor.

Curley & Jan – Axe Breaker
I heard it in one of Miss Kittin’s first DJ-sets on MCM in 1995, and still adore! Amazing 15 minutes tekno track with the whole story inside. Time goes by, and you discover old records again from the other angle.

Pig & Dan – Organix
I’ve always thought that Pig & Dan was too soft and minimal for me, but this hypnotic mesmerizing piece on Cocoon changed my attitude.

Ministry – Bloodlines
No comments, just turn up the volume.

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