Baconhead – Soap EP

Released today, this is the Soap EP from Baconhead. Baconhead are Ebola and Autobee, making sci-fi beats to confuse your brain. Production is solid, as you’d expect from Acroplane Recordings.

The standout track for me is Wookie, with the Zan Lyons remix of Goonies a VERY close second.

Baconhead – Soap EP

01. Baconhead – Ghetto Buffet
02. Baconhead – Wookie
03. Baconhead – Toe Punt
04. Baconhead – Goonies
05. Baconhead – Buh Buh Buh
06. Baconhead – Goonies (Zan Lyons Remix)
cat# ACPR003


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