Audioexit’s ‘Inner Fear’ by Plastic Loopz

The Hungarian techno netlabel Audioexit follow up the rather special Go to the Playground EP by The Bee with this five tracker from Plastic Loopz.

Audioexit had this to say about their latest release:

Szabolcs (Plastic Loopz)’s latest release was under the alias Blue Awakening. Now he returns to his roots and showing his real sound, giving us a nice pumping. Inner Fear has fresh sounds and keeps that level what opening Seppuku reaches. Interesting and complex piece is that Seppuku. Rage, the next track is a real party track with slapping basses and sharp hihats, we hope that it will be played often in your sets and podcasts. The main track, Inner Fear is an offbeat piece, aligned to the original ars poetica of the label. 2 Remixes for closing: first is the remix of Inner Fear by Balatro, and the second is Balatro’s Demon Arrived (from the release ‘Quoz’ – this is one of the most loved release of Audioexit) by Plastic Loopz.

Plastic Loopz – Inner Fear

Plastic Loopz – Seppuku
Plastic Loopz – Rage
Plastic Loopz – Inner Fear
Plastic Loopz – Inner Fear (Balatro remix)
Balatro – Demon Arrived (Plastic Loopz remix)


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