Ursa – April 2013

A fairly uptempo chart this month.

170bpm footwork influenced styles from Machinedrum, Om Unit & Sam Binga and Kabdriver. Plus, electro styles from the new Paul Blackford LP; proper choppage from Double 0 on London’s Rupture imprint and glitched up destruction from Randomform’s new Separation Device alias.

Also, a beauty from the new Ceephax LP; a new Threnody track from the Big Dada ‘Grime 2.0‘ comp and moody vibes from South London Ordinance.

Top of the pile – an absolutely filthy grind/scream/edit monstrosity from Mind Muncher. Incredibly uneasy listening.

Click the label link for samples and/or places to get the tracks.

Ursa – April 2013
Mind Muncher – Criminal Screen [Bedroom Research]
Double 0 – Blackula [Rupture]
Kabdriver – Hank Bewlington [Reset Industries]
Separation Device – Parasitic Drag [CRL Studios]
Ceephax Acid Crew – Voyage of Excellox [Ceephax Acid Crew]
Machinedrum – Clissold VIP [Astrophonica]
Om Unit & Sam Binga – Gamma [Exit]
Paul Blackford – ED209 [Tudor Beats]
Threnody – Emergency [Big Dada]
South London Ordinance – Transmission Funk [Hotflush]


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