Bombardier live at Subliminal Cinema, Oakland 2013-07-13

The work of Jason Snell is something I came across a few weeks ago – and by jove he’s made quite the impression. Recording under the Bombardier name since the late 90s – he has a sizable – and fierce – back catalogue I’ve been working through. Last weekend Snell performed at Oakland’s Subliminal Cinema alongside Identity Theft (live), Intoner, missFAILed, and Lisa Fox.

Shortly thereafter he shared the recording of his live set, which serves as a fine introduction into his particular take on gritty industrial hard electro, broken techno thud.

On Saturday I performed a 1-hour industrial techno set for Subliminal Cinema at Riddim in Oakland. I know many of you aren’t in the Bay Area, so I recorded the set and posted it for you…

Bombardier live at Subliminal Cinema, Oakland 2013-07-13

Bombardier – Anguish
Bombardier – The Day Before the End
Bombardier – Cataclysm
Bombardier – Untitled
Bombardier – Leviathan
Bombardier – Phantom
Bombardier – VFM
Bombardier – Vice
Bombardier – Casteljau
Bombardier – Control Voltage
Bombardier – Rise of the Machines
Bombardier – Menace
Bombardier – Instinct
Bombardier – Delusions of Persecution
Bombardier – Demon (Hard Acid Mix)
Bombardier – Warp
Bombardier – Nemesis
Bombardier – Battalion
Bombardier – Untitled
Bombardier – Untitled
Bombardier – Untitled
Bombardier – Beirut


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