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Darkfloor 22 – Patscan – Electro Bass Weaving

Patscan, recorded live at our 5th Darkfloor Live event back in March.

Supporting the London debut of Dead Sound and Videohead (whose set we also recorded) we invited the very capable talents of Pat Hime, performing as Patscan. He went all out with 70+ minutes of bass weaving, electro injected breaks and technoid electronics. Made up completely of his own studio work – this is both an education and a trip.

Patscan – Dribble
Patscan – Factory Flawed (Revarnished)
Patscan – Bass Moi
Patscan – Bad Machines
Patscan – Sticky Buttons
Patscan – Stum Futter
Patscan – Muff Stutter
Patscan – Love Bang
Patscan – Dry Riser (Fully Risen)
Patscan – Chow Beller
Patscan – Bowel Chiller
Patscan – Swoosh
Patscan – Spit Shine (Buffed Up)
NoseTek – Gums n’ Noses (Patscan remix)
Si Begg – Losin’ It (Patscan remix)
Kawatin – Sleep Talker (Patscan remix)
Patscan – Woohoobies
Ingen – Snap the Tilt (Patscan Unfinished remix)
Patscan – Jitterish

Recorded live on March 9th, 2013 at London’s Paradise Inn.


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