Mantis Radio 181 + Bombardier


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LA’s Jason Snell AKA Bombardier returns to Mantis Radio with a live studio session whilst he’s over in Europe. In the show’s first hour, DVNT has new music from B12, Voidloss, Walls, Skee Mask, Ruskin / Broom and Blanck Mass.

ZONE EATER – Spice Is Love, Spice Is Life [ZONE EATER]
Loghi – Andà [Psychonavigation]
WALLS – Voluta [Ecstatic]
Kerovnian – Of Oblivion Undead [Cold Spring]
B12 – Descension [Soma Records]
Blanck Mass – Dead Format [Sacred Bones]
Kashgar – Kashgar Lover 7 (Srops Pans Srtings) [Acre Recordings]
Skee Mask – Larus Canus [Ilian Tape]
Ruskin / Broom – Hostage (live edit) [Blueprint]
Broken English Club – Dry Cutting [Cititrax]
Voidloss – Each little hurt in a little pile [Subsist]
Kolde – Vision 9 [Kolde Records]
Replicant – Black Light [Replicant]
Rutherford – Spoken Word [brokntoys]
Darkmode – Booty Time [Bass Agenda]
Rudeboyz – Japanese Sax [SoundCloud]

Bombardier – The Space Where She Was
Bombardier – Disappearing
Jason Snell – Sequence 7
Bombardier – Factory
Wirewound – Surge (Bombardier remix) [Dark Industry DI XII]
Bombardier – Malice Aforethought [D13 004]
Bombardier – In Ecstasy [Ljudkalendern]
Bombardier – Laughing Madman [Pale Noir 024]
Bombardier – Day Before the End [DI IX]
Bombardier – Hidden Razor [Squarewav 7]
Martyn Hare – Unforgiving (Bombardier remix) [Emetic XV]
Bombardier – Beneath the Surface [Spirit of Progress 23]
Bombardier – Casteljau [D13 S02]
Bombardier – Seventh Head of the Hydra [Emetic XVIII]
Bombardier – Abyss [Spirit of Progress 23]
Bombardier – Pavement
Bombardier – Phantom [D13 S05]
Bombardier – Leviathan [Dark Industry DI IX]
Hyena – Deformities (Bombardier remix)
Bombardier – Beirut [D13 S04]
Bombardier – Insomnia
Bombardier – Perdition (Ambient Mix) [D13 008]
Bombardier – Exorcism [Low Res 003]
Mahr – When Her Story Ends (Bombardier remix)
Bombardier – Surface of the Moon [D13 015]
Bombardier – Sands of Time [D13 015]
Bombardier – The Space Where She Was


Delivering a superb follow up to his 2013 début session, his 60 minutes is rammed to the rafters with his own material, reaffirming why we love his sound. Performed on two Traktor X1s, a Waldorf Blofeld, a Moog MF-Drive and his self coded Bombardier Refraktions iPad app. A session not to be missed.

Bombardier live on Mantis Radio

Snell’s latest work, Rise of the Machines

Catch him live in Prague next month June 12 + 13 and at a to-be-announced date in Berlin.

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Mantis Radio returns, June 9th with fzv and a live studio session.