VC-118A, live at Twisted Pepper, Dublin 15.09.2012

Here’s Dutch producer Samuel van Dijk recent live PA at Dublin’s Twisted Pepper back in mid September.

Recently released long player International Airlines under van Dijk’s alias VC-118A is a captivating and richly deep listen, nestled somewhere between bubbling electro rhythm and dubbed out techno; fans of Delsin’s output will find much to love.

Airlines is of those albums you put on and get lost in.

Lunar Disko interviewed their signing just prior to the release, and it’s worth a read.

VC-118a is my personal view on sound. The idea was to create a selection of tracks that tell a story together about retro-futuristic airplanes, romantic air hovering, turbulent storms and aquatic sunsets…

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Shouts to the eagle-eyed City of Bass electro pimp Mad Wax for pointing me in the direction of this recording.


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