Mantis Radio 255 + End Of Year Special
Herd makes Headphone Commute’s Best of 2016.
Sendai – Figure and Ground [Editions Mego]
Hexa – Factory Photographs [Room40]
20 Years of Blueprint – Structures & Solutions 1996-2016
Dimentia’s new EP
Aino Tytti – Millennium Mills / Touch
Blood Mute’s debut on Acroplane
Simon Scott – Insomni / Ash International
Kvitnu present Mingle’s ‘Static’
Kenny Campbell’s ‘Syphilis Sandwich’
NB Audio – Mind 2 Dark EP
Dust – Paypig
preview Dekode’s new EP for Martyn Hare’s Emetic
Muni Manuka’s ‘Acid for the Road’ EP / Ricochet Records
Fleck E.S.C. – Nice Guy EP / Electrix
Pished on Drugs
The Followers by Grudges, a remix EP from end fence
Hoth System – Higher Purpose / Audioexit
Alex Coulton’s ‘Freefall’ / Bloc.
Application – Remixes
the dones * black_ops – hopes (disintegration)
MAHR – When Her Story Ends
Dmitry Distant – Closer Than Tears / Bass Agenda
2562 – The New Today / When in Doubt
Randal Collier-Ford on Kalpamantra
Savier – Guts Rage
Locked Groove’s ‘Thesseus’ / Permanent Vacation
‘Never Let The Gods Decide’ by Raphael Acohen
Sudanim – Pleasure Flood EP / Her Records
Blind Music – EP.3
Ansome’s ‘Penny and Pound’ EP for Mord.
Pinch b2b Mumdance on Tectonic Recordings
Moleskin’s ‘Moleskin EP’ on Goon Club Allstars
C Mantle – Femto Tudomány
The Implicit Order – Holy Ghost Enters The Body A Perfect Size
Somatic Responses – Giauzar
Koenraad Ecker – Ill Fares The Land
Aires – Aires
Synsophony – Rabbit Hole
Mondkopf – Hadès
Ghosting Season – Music From The Film Shell Shocked
connect_icut – Crows + Kittiwakes Wheel + Come Again [Rev.Lab/Aagoo]
Noise In Opposition Volume 2
Create Her – Commit I, II, III.
Villain’s ‘Untraceable’ EP / Singularity
Hound Scales – Femen / Fifth Wall
Concrete Fence – New Release (1) / PAN
Stave – Trust / Trensmat
Clipping. in Brighton 20.10.2013
Funkineven – Species EP
The Last King of Scotland from Opine Kosinsky
David Meiser – Uncompromising Sound EP
Emptyset’s Ginz releases as Faint Wild Light on Digitalis Recordings
31 strong – Noise In Opposition comp ft. Elizabeth Veldon
the wee djs – Missing
Paula Temple – Colonized / R&S Records
netlabel Zimmer Records release compilation ‘one hundred’
ATILLLA returns with new EP ‘IV’
Scanone – Scenes EP / Yellow Machines
Roll the Dice – In Dubs / The Leaf Label
Billy Gomberg’s ‘False Heat’
ADJ – The Way Of The Crane
Nightswimmer + Scanner’s 2001/02 collaborative ‘Red Sails’
Mark Broom’s ‘Acid Dik’ / Power Vacuum
Try Two from Pasquale Maassen on netlabel Zimmer Records
noise heavyweights Merzbow and Nordvargr collaborate on Partikel III / Cold Spring
Dave Clarke & Mr Jones are _Unsubscribe_
Marcus Fjellström and his EP ‘Epilogue -M-‘ on Aagoo
feel the ‘Wrath Of The Gods’ from Weldroid & Illl on Soun Records
Basic House presents ‘Caim In Bird Form’ on Digitalis
WIKAN returns with his DESTROYER EP on Dark Peaks
Jacob 2-2 – Cabazon EP
Kid Lib – Terrors Of The Jungle Vol.1 Ft. Tim Reaper & Mr Sensi
Bil Bless returns as Son Of The Electric Ghost with rots 0.1
George Lanham & Mr Jones – Broadband Collaborations II
Hound Scales – Case (Nabis) / Fifth Wall
Luis Ruiz – Atlantis
Troller’s self titled debut album
Plant43’s EP ‘Frozen Monarch’ / Frustrated Funk