Pished on Drugs

I guess you’d call this one a concept project. Pished on Drugs basic premise is

Create-Record-Master-Upload. In one session.
No editing.

And the result is pretty narly stuff from a Scottish artist who records under at least 2 aliases already but wants to keep this one name free.

Kinda techno, meets noise, meets acid, meets squelch, meets hardware jam, meets… well you get the idea. Each of the tracks is recorded live, with a couple of synths, a drum machine, some pedals and a mixer. No editing, sequencing, or anything post. This is hit record, one take, finish business. Six tracks are available so far (for free) via the artist’s Bandcamp.

Something for the more adventurous techno fiends amongst you, and those who like their wonky vibed tech too I’d wager.


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