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Mantis Radio 255 – End Of Year Special

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Our end of year special. We look back at 2017 with a special extended episode of Mantis Radio, playing out favourite tracks and artists.

Actress – CYN [Ninja Tune]
James Place – Robin Weep [Umor Rex]
Khost – Depression [Cold Spring]
Varg feat. Chloé Wise – Forever 21 / Valium [Northern Electronics]
Samuel Rohrer – Nimbus [Arjunamusic]
Zola Jesus – Doma [Sacred Bones Records]
Arca – Whip [XL Recordings]
Chino Amobi – Law 1 (The City in the Sea) [NON]
Bombardier – She [Terra Null Recordings]
Izaru – Shtamm (Spear remix) [Soul Notes]
Ninos Du Brasil – No Meio da Noite [Hospital Productions]
Island People – Kindling [raster]
Peverelist – Wireframes [Livity Sound]
Randomer – Velvet [L.I.E.S.]
Arkajo – Vamp [Bror Records]
Pendle Watkins – Deal With It [Super Rhythm Trax]
Drvg Cvltvre – The Crazies Are Coming [Tripalium Records]
Floorplan – Let The Church [M-Plant]
Coefficient – Inverse Dub [KR/LF Records]
Vatican Shadow – Monotheism And Zarqa [Hospital Productions]
Jerome Hill – Mono Skank [Don’t Recordings]
Radioactive Man – Bonnet Bee [Asking For Trouble]
Derlich – No Time For Begging (Voidloss Violence of Business Mix) [Hidden Bones Records]
Killawatt – Mate Choice [47]
Fret – Lifford Res [karlrecords]
David Meiser – Dasein [Dark Vortex]
Charles Fenckler – Raven [Soma Records]
The Mover – Astral Demons [Planet Phuture]
Mescalinum United – We Have Arrived [Planet Phuture]
Detboi – Skin Deep [Metalheadz]
Mathew Jonson – Decompression (Nathan Jonson’s Rewind to 96 Mix) [Freedom Engine]
Dexterous Numerics – Polydeuces [unreleased]
Croww – Prosthetics 4 [The Death Of Rave]
Huxley Anne – Nin [Doom Of Doom Records]
Special Request – Stairfoot Lane Bunker (Minor Science remix) [Houndstooth]
Aquarian – Heatstroke [Hanger Management]
Overlook – Blue Rose [UVB-76 Music]
Atiq – From Dusk Till Dawn feat. Daddy Freddy [Mindtrick Records]
Fa11out & Vegas – Black Bones [Bad Taste Recordings]
OAKE – Alog [SNTS]
Clocolan – Cannon Rock, ’72 [En:peg Digital]
Necro Deathmort – Meddle [Profound Lore Records]
BORIS – Absolutego [Sargent House]
Power Trip – Executioner’s Tax (Swing of the Axe) [Southern Lord]
BRICKS – America Is Just A Word But I Use It [Orb Tapes]
IDLES – Mother [Balley Records]
Renoizer – Origins [Abstrakt Reflections]
Eaters – Deliberate and Intentional [Eaters]
Goldfrapp – Ocean [Mute]
Yullippe – BALLE [Yullippe]
Forest Swords – Raw Language [Ninja Tune]
Si Begg – Parallel Air Ducts [Shitkatapult]

2017 – A Look Back

There was a huge amount of awesome music and sounds that surfaced in 2017, and as such, it’s taken longer than planned to get this show together. Going back, compiling lists, and then getting lost in all those tracks all over again. This is why it’s dropping now and not 2 weeks ago as intended. But, better late than never.

Across this special extended 3 hour edition are 53 tracks from my favourite releases of last year. There are a few that I either couldn’t fit in, or just clear forgot about until it I had finished recording – and that was after I went back and added a further 30 minutes to the show. As with every other Mantis Radio – this is a selection of music that is personal to me, that I feel is among the best that came out last year. Hopefully you’ll be reminded of some tracks you heard, some you missed, and discover some new ones along the way.

To all of my guests in 2017, and to everyone who tuned in – thank you. I’m taking a few weeks off from broadcasting the show but will return at the beginning of February at full throttle.

We are Mantis Radio. We are Darkfloor.

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