Preview a new EP from Dekode (Ontal) for Martyn Hare’s Emetic

Take a listen to the stripped dark tech of Dekode’s new EP for Martyn Hare’s Emetic imprint. It comes backed with a remix from Autofake’s Dave Tarrida.

Phase 1 opens up and keeps things tight and on a lockdown – building and maintaining a tough headspace moody groove that spills over into track 2 – Red Zone. A track that introduces that noise drenched percussive rhythm we so love from Dekode’s production partnership with Boris Noiz as Ontal, albeit without the skull-crushingly hard kick drums we relish from that project.

Saturnia Pavonia continues on the EPs rolling tip, pushing the kick drums out more into the foreground, introducing more energy but always with that distorted grind nestled in the back.

Tarrida’s version of Phase 1 layers on the percussion, resulting in a more upfront track that Dekode’s original. That rolling vibe is still there but Tarrida colours it, pushing up the intensity for what is a track for peaktime club sets.

End to end this might be hard techno, but it’s hard techno that doesn’t have an over reliance on kicks alone – something all to common in many of the harder tracks of the last few years. Producers often forget the vibe and the groove, going all out for booming hard kick drums. Not so here.

Available May 25th.


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