Fleck E.S.C. – Nice Guy EP on Electrix

Properly dope electro business from a label that knows how it goes.

Billy Nasty’s Electrix presents fresh material from French born, Tokyo based Franck Collin – Fleck E.S.C.. It’s a tidy package. The EP comes backed with remixes from established talent Carl Finlow and the ever impressive London Modular man, Pip Williams. Fleck’s original work channels Drex and dystopic vibes without overdoing it or losing any sense of syncopated groove – these have the funk and machine rhythm.

Here’s Pip Williams remix –

Not a long more really needs to be said. This is on point electro, on an on point electro label. Available on vinyl and digital. Job done.


What R We Waiting 4
Nice Guy
Nice Guy (Pip Williams remix)
Nice Guy (Carl Finlow remix)
CTRL (digital bonus track)
OCP (digital bonus track)


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