Dust – Paypig

Dust‘s latest release, which dropped this week, is straight up great.

Whilst maintaining their usual deep drift flow, the two tracks that form Paypig – Hive and Eviscerated Self – are melancholic, reflective and feel big in scope. All with just the simplest of elements and arrangement.

That vibe carries through the 7.28 and 9.21 minute long tracks without them ever feeling excessively long or drawn out. A thorn often found in long form dubbed and droned tracks. Perhaps it’s the use of vocal samples that makes these tracks shine. Which although still blended in the thick soup of the sonics, are more prominent than some of their recent work. Whatever the reason, Paypig is a fantastic near 17 minute work, up there with our other favourite Dust offering – Before The Throne – from back in January.


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