NB Audio – Mind 2 Dark EP

Run by prolific producers Snapshot and Microcosm, NB Audio has been making waves in the Manchester scene for well over 18 months. In this short time they’ve managed to squeeze out a number of solid releases – creations from the likes of Rolaz, Red Eye Hi Fi, and Nian Dub.

This latest compilation series, the Mind 2 Dark EP, features a round-up of what NB Audio stands for: no single artist, no single genre. To quote Gene Hunt, they’ve got fingers in more pies than a leper on a cookery course.

The stand out track for me is Mark XTC’s (AKA Snapshot) remix of I’m Gone, by Rolaz. I’m not too jazzed about the house version, but the driving, almost hardcore nature of the d’n’b rework sits as the centrepiece of what this EP can offer.

This isn’t the only high point; the restrained, reggae-infused rhythms of Lights Out are without a doubt some of the cleanest I’ve heard this year. These, coupled with the visceral grindings of Deliverance produce a tracklist with a lot to offer.

Putting cloaked references to any films from 1972 aside, this compilation is incredibly strong. I only hope that NB Audio can keep up the release schedule to fuel another one for the near future.


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