Swarm Intelligence, Bethanian DJ set

Another mix from the Berlin based Swarm Intelligence hits the shores of Darkfloor HQ. Sporting many a quality cut of sound this one, as we’ve come to expect from Si. I see you’ve be looking at the tracklist and, yes, see, your finger has already negated to inform your brain of it’s activity and you’re downloading this mix through the internet pipes now. Good on you.

Listening to this, reminds me I need to get hold of the Elephant Song by Aphex Twin and rinse the blue buggery out of it. A heavy hitting hour of darkfloor electronics lies ahead, so buckle up kids. Recorded, October 1st at Bethanian.

Swarm Intelligence – DJ set at Bethanian

The Bug – Skeng (Autechre remix)
Terror Danjah – Acid
Baobinga & ID – Tongue Riddim
Swarm Intelligence – Grinding Teeth
Milanese – So Malleable (Cold Mix)
Royal T – 1Up (Rockz remix)
Swindle – Airmiles
Rory St John – Farewell to the Flesh
Africa Hitech – Lash Out
Rude Kid – Squash
Clark – Gonk Roughage
Joyrex – Joyrex J4
Baobinga – Ride It (Untold remix)
DJ Boss – 1st Rendered
AFX – Elephant Song
Tempa T – Next Hype (DVA Vocal remix)
Gunjack – Buckshut’s Revenge
Aphex Twin – Digeridoo
Rory St John – Deglove
LFO – Mummy, I’ve Had An Accident…
Clark – Violenl
Power-Pill – Pac-Man
Rory St John – Wasted
Excision & Noiz – Force
Jega – Rigid Body Dynamics


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