Bring It Back – Bill Vega & New Decade’s 92 Hardcore mix

It’s Friday, and as the weekend approaches get into the mood with a rave heavy mix, this week from Bill Vega & New Decade. You can’t really get more rave than this selection of hardcore breaks from back in the day, 1992 to be precise. It’s a testament to the passion behind this music than even now, some 18 years later, that this music stands tall and proud. It still makes you move like a possessed maniac.

Bill Vega & New Decade have been involved with Dance music since 1991. Their Essex based label ‘Out Of Romford’ was set up at the height of the rave scene in early 1992 and was responsible for massive rave anthems such as ‘Get The Message’, ‘Wonderful Experiences’ and early tracks from Andy C as Desired State.

They were both heavily involved with the explosion of pirate radio in the early 90’s helping run Essex/London stations such as Shakedown FM, and with Bill Vega (then DJ Infinity) appearing on infamous London pirates in the development of Drum & Bass such as Weekend Rush & Eruption… (more)


Phuture Assasins – Phuture Sound (2 Bad Mice remix)
Eat Life – Bach 2 Basics
Tango & Ratty – Tales From The Darkside
Tic Tac Toe – Ephemerol
Release – Inner Dream [taken from the Spirit Of Space EP]
Tango – Can’t Stop the Rush [taken from the Impact EP]
Static Substance – Ghetto People
Joint Project – Total Feeling
Release – Dance In Eden (Interface remix)
Secret Squirrel – Commence the B-line [taken from the Magic Flute EP]
Justice – Soothe My Soul
Tribal Underground – Cocaine
Mad Ragga Jon – Original Bad Boy
unknown – unknown [possibly on one of the Hedgehog Affair EPs]
D’cruze – Life
Cloud Nine – Blacka’ Shade Of Dub
The Moog – Jungle Muffin
Tango & Ratty – Final Conflict
D’livin – Why
Two Undercover – Unite
Psuedo 3 – Flash It
Rebel MC – I Can’t Get No Sleep


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