A mix for Patreon and Mantis Radio supporters.

Back in August 2019 Mantis Radio joined Patreon, a subscription support service that helps fund the show, keeping it free to listen, and ad-free.

There are a few different tiers of support on offer from $2 (about £1.50), with varying perks and benefits including music only “mix” versions of the show, discount at the Darkfloor Store (and our Bandcamp). Patrons of the show who pledge $5 or more (about £3.90) also get access to an exclusive regular mix series.

Preview the first in the series. A two hour ambient and downtempo recording, featuring music from Roly Porter, Rafael Anton Irisarri, Tunes Of Negation (aka Shackleton), Downwards, Nothing Records, L. B. Dub Corp, Makaton, Si Begg, Khost, Livity Sound, Voidloss, Blueprint and lots more.

Listen, stream, or download the full recording at Patreon.


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