King Cannibal – Cannibalism 2011

So, I for one am really glad that Dylan Richards’ King Cannibal has decided to share his hour long mega set: Cannibalism 2011 with his fans.

Recorded on August 27th ahead of his performance at l’Usine in Geneva Switzerland which was featuring a big AV hookup for his set. As a favour to the visual crew he put this together to help familarize them with what he would be dropping on the night. It is fit to burst with bass and features a slew of Ninja Tune cuts. Essential listening from an artist and DJ that’s going to go to 11 in 2012.


As we’re reaching the end of the year and i’m looking towards developing my set in to my newer productions in 2012 i thought it timely to take a glance back at the kind of sets i was playing out this year, for those who didn’t get a chance to see me or want to re-live one of the shows they caught me at.

No tracklist, simply due to the amount of tracks thrown down.

Cannibal continues:

Its somewhat of an expansion of The Way Of The Ninja mix CD released at the end of last year, but goes way beyond that.

Way too many tracks to list, feel free to tag and name them!


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