Rory St John

Rory St John recorded live 2010

Rory St John recorded this mix back in December last year, the 10th.

He recorded it for the m to that collective. And as they rightly write, Rory St John has been dwelling on the darker side of techno for a few years and truth be told really excels at producing some amazing techno. His recent Limetree Projects release Miserithan is a continued testament to that very statement.

Rory St John – Live 2010-12-10

Makaton – To the Bitter End
Blackmass Plastics – Bass Tunnel
Filip Xavi – Black Water [Teskoba]
Max Duley – Enclosed in the..
Casual Violence – Borne
The wee djs – Frigid Bitch
Sub Space – Epices & Coccinelles
Chris McCormack – Smash the System
Rob Murphy – Flummox (Rory St John remix) [Takeover Records]
Planetary Assault System – Temporary Suspension
DeFeKT – Our Future [Takeover Records]
Baby Ford – Normal (Helston Flora mix)
Rory St John – Dysentry
Chris Liberator – Heart of Trance (Thomas P Heckmann remix)
Fran Hartnett – Sword & Shield [Stasis]
Po – Janette
Rory St John – Deglove [Limetree]
Luka Baumann – Pohoda
Tim Exile – Deathface
Xanoptikero – Xanoptikero
Kritical Audio – Krupp
Radial & DJ Boss – We Don’t Know Either
The Divide – Temporal Bone
Claude Young – <Anyone Now?>


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