Sven Swift’s ‘Fickle Spots’ mix

New mix from Sven Swift, one of the netaudio aficionados and half of the team behind the fantastic label Error Broadcast.

In his own words:

As a child, I’ve been obsessed with the light breaking under half closed eyes. There were these rich, fickle spots just below your sight, and I spent hours trying to focus and come by.  Once we got a television set, this afternoon amusement stopped for the sake of colourful images that were no longer my own. Time flies.

With these 40 minutes of beats and textures, I tried to re-create the atmosphere of sitting on the couch blinking into the light of the afternoon sun and doing nothing else besides. This is not a collection of ambient tunes, sure. But the genre borders are blurred in the most adventurous Rap and Garage productions nowadays, and it is easy to get lost with an Abby Lee Tee, fuer.steps or Constrobuz track. Loads of exclusive material here. Please enjoy!

Sven Swift – Fickle Spots

Pharaoh Sanders – Hum-Allah-Hum-Allah-Hum-Allah [Impulse]
fLako – Hot Ish [CDr]
OL – Unexpected* [CDr]
A-Rec – Fuck the Boss* [Error Broadcast]
Shlohmo – Spoons (Shigeto unofficial remix) [CDr]
Abby Lee Tee – Imma Richtung Himmel ft. Def Ill* [CDr]
Wols – Damage (rework)* [CDr]
Fuer.Steps – Lunar Dust [Error Broadcast]
Nest – Cad Goddeu (revised) [Serein]
Comfort Fit – Tinitus* [Error Broadcast]
Amon Tobin – Big Furry Head [Ninja Tune]
Maguett – Zodiak* [CDr]
Chocolate Girl – Valhalla* [CDr]
iL – When She Wakes Up [CDr]
Pixelord – pxlr7 [Car Crash Set]
Constrobuz – My Diamonds Fruity [CDr]



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