DVNT – Selection Sorted (Framed FM) – 01.05.2016

Here’s a 90 minute mix recorded for Hungay’s Framed FM and their weekly Sunday night show Selection Sorted. Broadcast back on May 1st. Shouts to Major Klaudia and feryne for the invitation. Archives for the show can be found here.


Cyance – Demonic (Darkness Comes Early) [Mindtrick Records]
Anthony Child – Over Napoli [Downwards]
Guy Andrews – Bereft of Focus, Bereft of Will [Houndstooth]
The Sprawl – From Wetware to Software [The Death of Rave]
Garaliya – Z – Clones [Kvitnu]
J. Tijn – Infuse [Resin]
Christian Wünsch – Crystal Oscillator [Soma Records]
Aiken – Restless (Juho Kusti remix) [Semantica]
Dusty Kid – Voronezh [Skryptom]
Prostitutes – Cuyahoga Frankenstein [Contort Yourself]
Laksa – Draw For The [Mistry]
Primary Node – Akcra [Acroplane]
Rhythmic Theory – Future Tense [Idle Hands]
Raphael Acohen – Gezwind [LAAG]
Faetch – Jeidge [Earwiggle]
Matt TdK – Slice Test [unreleased]
Donor – Station A14 (Shawn O Sullivan remix) [Prosthetic Pressings]
Monolake – Crash [Imbalance Computer Music]
Chris Liven – DNA Activation [Armatura]
Depeche Mode – I Feel Loved (ad.lib remix) [dub]
Regis – Blood Witness (Downwards Extended Version) [Downwards]
Dax J – West Bank [Soma Records]
Mantra – Nervous Disorder [Bunker Records]
Actaeon – Echione [Propellant Music]
Objekt – Ganzfeld [Leisure System]
Destructure – Multiply (Deapmash Edit) [dub]
DVA – Bullet A Go Fly (Dusk + Blackdown remix) [Keysound Recordings]
Torso – Fat Vint [Tessier-Ashpool Records]
Demdike Stare – Null Results [Modern Love]
Manni Dee – Symbiotic [Leyla Records]
Casual Violence – Dank [Ante Rasa]
Unknown Entity – Gremlins (Ingen remix) [Unknown Entity]
Surgeon – Rotunda [Tresor]
Elektrikall, Mekanikall Lab – 9mm [Mekatronik Records]
The Bee – Balalajka [wavelike]
Amit – Acid Trip [Tempa]
The 65d Mavericks – Beginnings End [Surface Ltd]
Rlyeh1 – The Darkness [Mindtrick Records]


Darkfloor Sound. A Label