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Darkfloor 25 – Ursa – live in London

Darkfloor resident Ursa opened proceedings at our 5th Darkfloor Live event.
This is how that transpired. Recorded in London, March 9th 2013.

First set of the night from our March event belonged to Ursa, who alongside guests Dead Sound vs Videohead, Patscan and fellow resident’s DVNT and mrseavers gave the sound system quite the warm up.

Techno in flavour with Ursa’s flourishes into electronica and melody along the way. Also included were quite a few dubs from the DJ/producer’s studio – some of which are forthcoming on Ricochet Records.

Space Dimension Controller – Music for Spaceports [R & S Records]
Ursa – Mandolin DSP [unreleased]
The Fear Ratio – Skana [Blueprint]
Ghettozoid – Boy Toy (House Of Black Lanterns remix) [Houndstooth]
Ellen Allien – LISm cut 006 [BPitch Control]
Barker + Baumecker – Schlangbang [Ostgut Ton]
Hound Scales – Case (Nabis) (Ghosts on Tape remix) [Fifth Wall]
MPIA3 – Mountain of Ash [R & S Records]
Lusine – Another Tomorrow (Jon Convex remix) [Ghostly]
Boddika + JO – Swims [Swamp 81]
Death Grips – Guillotine (Voidloss remix) [unreleased]
Clouds – Those Cracks In Your Face, Do They Hurt? [Turbo]
Dave Clarke – Wisdom to the Wise (A Mochi edit) [BNR]
LFO – You have To Understand [Warp]
Bebop + Rocksteady – Kick Mod Mayhem [Bonus Round]
Sub System III – Robocop [Sub System]
Shadowchild + Horx – Bordertown [Apollo]
Bandshell – Nice Mullet [Liberation Technologies]
Jon Convex – Desolation [Convex Industries]
Ursa – Greenock Martyr [Ricochet Records]
RadioNasty – I had to spank you (Ben Sims Acid remix) [Tortured]
Patscan – Shnumbers (Ursa remix) [Ricochet Records]
Pounding Grooves ft Ignition Technician – Lock 1 [Fine Audio]
Machine Gun Militia – Haters Be Mad Hating Lost in Space Riddim [Oeuvre]
Ursa – Early Extremities [Ricochet Records]
Blackmass Plastics – T-Rex Powerdrill [Bad Sekta]
Tom Waits – What’s He Building (Screwhead remix) [unreleased]
Ursa – Midian Cursive [Ricochet Records]
Bjork – Declare Independence (Mark Stent Instrumental) [One Little Indian]


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