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Dr Skunkenstein – Transistor Physics

Fancy 70 minutes of sharp, glitch tweaked heads down electro business? Thought you might. Transistor Physics from Dr Skunkenstein delivers on that count.

Built with old and new sounds, familiar names; the wee djs, Posthuman, Om Unit, The Hacker, and Mr. Oizo feature amongst ones I’m less familiar with; Lassigue Bendthuas, Voltaic, The Fifteen Dead Minutes, Atta Atta. I’ve pretty much fallen in love with Echo System’s Traps of Perception. Feels like a Tipper rhythm without being a copy job.

Southampton’s Dr Skunkenstein was responsible for one of the earliest electro mixes proper that I paid actual attention to, going on 8 years ago now. That mix bridged my breakbeat record collection into the floodgates of electro with a lot of crossover material.

I guess in some ways that mix was responsible for my experimenting into multi genre sets as it was shortly after hearing this mix that electro, grime and headspace acid techno started filtering into my breaks residency sets.

The mix isn’t currently up for download but you can check out the tracklist over on the Vocode Project.

Another shout has to go to John Bushby (co-head of Leeds always reliable Digital Distortions imprint).

The mixes that he was posting up on the breakbeat message board we were both members of were both plentiful and always carving their own sonic footprint, often in the electro sphere.

Dr Skunkenstein – Transistor Physics

00.00 – Skyrunner – Prometheus Rising
07.04 – Lassigue Bendthuas – Rekombination
10.02 – Posthuman – Lander
14.35 – TRV – Conscious Awareness
19.38 – SEM – Phox
24.32 – Mr Oizo – Half a Scissor
27.00 – Om Unit – The Timps
30.49 – The Hacker – Satori
38.57 – Echo System – Traps of Perception
43.56 – Voltaic – Oxidize
47.34 – Monolith – F Tron
49.52 – Selkie – Sexual Shetland (Joe Lentini remix)
52.39 – the wee djs – 54 Miles
60.05 – Atta Atta – Rost Beef
64.05 – The Fifteen Dead Minutes – Red Snow


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