Dead Sound & VideoHead – Pench / Acroplane

This latest release by Dead Sound and VideoHead follows their recent release on Perc Trax and finds them at the home of Dead Sound’s previous releases on Irish label: Acroplane Recordings.

Darkfloor: I’d like to welcome Dave Fleet aka Laica23 to our small team of writers. He hosts the Numbers Broadcast on Future Music, right after the Mantis Radio show.

This is music that is built loud to be played loud and built hard enough to destroy dance floors. Opening track ‘Degree‘ is a statement of intent, tough punishing layers of distorted percussion leading to more and more of the same. Changes, some subtle and some less so, deep bass notes appear and fade, chord stabs arrive that add to the heavily percussive feel. This is a complex, yet thoroughly engaging start.

Next up is ‘In The Pit‘, which does ease off on the pressure a little to start and has a riff, however minimal that people will soon recognize, leading to a very nice percussive flow with a sound which could be tribal chanting that has been run through the machines adding to the build.

The title track, ‘Pench‘ has an off kilter swing to it and some great edits and breaks, again, this will sound amazing and be instantly recognizable in any DJs set.

Rails‘ is an altogether deeper affair, but still a good solid workout, leading us to the final track of this EP. ‘Slide‘ slows down the tempo just a touch and clocks in at just under 9 minutes but is far from an ambient afterthought. It may offer more space than the rest of this EP, but it’s still full of the same dense sounds, clever edits and has some fine sounding bass that slides in and out of the mix nicely. Parts of this track hint at melody, but it is just a hint.

Think Regis, think Surgeon, think Perc and you know where this EP is aimed. Don’t sit back and let yourself be taken on a journey, hold tight and hope you don’t crash. Available from November 7th.

Dead Sound & VideoHead – Pench

Dead Sound & VideoHead – Degree
Dead Sound & VideoHead – In The Pit
Dead Sound & VideoHead – Pench
Dead Sound & VideoHead – Rails
Dead Sound & VideoHead – Slide


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