Screaming Soul – Ghost Inna Dub

Screaming Soul release their album of remixes from last year’s Ghost In A Shell, debuting the collaboration of MC Lucid Mover and Ghetto Priest, who alone are worth a look. This is a dubbed out affair mixed up by Adrian Sherwood and Mutant Hi-Fi.

Welcome to the team here at Darkfloor: Clodhoppa.
The UK has always mixed reggae and dub influences with it’s hip hop, and the album showcases the smokey end of the spectrum well. Being split between the two producers it is very much a game of two sides.

The Mutant HiFi productions focus on being deep, heads down dub. This works well at times, such as on the track Change Of Minds, but on some other ends up being a very muddy kind of bass weight. As the majority of the tracks on the album are Mutant’s total re-imaginings, then if you like this dense application of pressure, you’ll love it. If not, then the Sherwood versions may be more up your street.

Sherwood opted to do live dubs for his two tracks, in a traditional dub master style, and as such have a real loose, spacey vibe. Apparently they were both single tapes, which is impressive considering how together they sound.

There are some originals from Screaming Soul on the album as well. Blending a place between the two producers, although possibly more Mutant Hi-Fi leaning, they pull the album together well into a cohesive piece of work.

What you get here isn’t sunshine festival dub, it’s deep, dark system pounders with a few great headphone moments courtesy of Adrian Sherwood.


Screaming Soul – Thunder Rumble (co-produced by Mutant Hi-Fi)
Screaming Soul – Minds
Screaming Soul – Ball Point Bayonet (Mutant Hi-Fi mix)
Screaming Soul – Frown Town
Screaming Soul – Screwface City Dub (Adrian Sherwood mix)
Screaming Soul – Warfare (Squatters in the Oval Office Mix) (Mutant Hi-Fi mix)
Screaming Soul – Change of Minds (Mutant Hi-Fi mix)
Screaming Soul – IllumiNatty (150 Watts Dub Mix Parts 1 & 2) (Mutant Hi-Fi mix)
Screaming Soul – Dusty Rub (Mutant Hi-Fi mix)
Screaming Soul – Fully Furnaced Hellfire Dub (Mutant Hi-Fi mix)
Screaming Soul – Bear Nang
Screaming Soul – Ghost in the Machine (Adrian Sherwood mix)
Emerging Species / EMSP 005


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